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WissHom aims to

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Research Report Homeopathy

This report on the current state of homeopathic research provides a summary on the research areas of healthcare research, randomised controlled clinical trials, meta-analyses and basic research. It aims to contribute to the discussion within the field of homeopathy concerning the need for research, the relevance of individual research fields and methods and their role in future research strategies. We are also publishing this report on the current status of scientific research, moreover, for the benefit of medical science as a whole and the public. Whilst the conventional development of medicinal products is based on research which must then stand up to medical practice, homeopathy is primarily a successful medical practice that must stand up to scientific research.


A summary analysis of the clinical research data offers sufficient evidence of the therapeutic effectiveness of homeopathic treatment. The results from numerous placebo-controlled trials and basic research experiments suggest, moreover, that potentised medicines offer specific efficacy.

Put in perspective, there are many important open research areas – notably: Basic research into the optimisation of laboratory models and the understanding of the mode of action, Independent replications of studies in clinical and basic research, Exploration of the provision of homeopathic care in reality, also combined with conventional medicine and Health economic analyses to evaluate the costs and benefits (cost effectiveness).



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Fax: 0049-(0)3496-3033-597


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