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WissHom has published in May 2016 the Research Report Homeopathy. Please klick on the picture for download.



















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Mrs Bettina Atteln (Office)

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ICE 19: 21–23 November 2019

ICE 20: 12–14 November 2020

WissHom – for the benefit of the patient

WissHom aims to

  • evaluate what is currently known
  • create new homeopathic knowledge
  • foster homeopathic research
  • develop excellent teaching and learning programmes
  • establish the study of homeopathy at university level



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• Video recordings


AV Recording Service
Dorfstraße 12
23730 Roge
Deutschland / Germany


Fon: 0049-(0)4561-50424
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• Lectures and seminars (PDF)

Diez, Susanne (A)

Die Subjektivität als ein Grundprinzip der Homöopathie (This file does not exist anymore.)


Leisten, Michael (D)

Methodische Einblicke in die konstruktivistische Didaktik (This file does not exist anymore.)


Muchitsch, Ilse (A)

Wasser, ein ungewöhnliches Molekül


Relton, Clare (UK)

Homeopathy clinical research: the dynamic relationship between science and practice


Rohrer, Anton (A)

Apriorische Heilungsgewissheit – eine praktische Annäherung


Schnittert, Irmgard (D)

Integrative Medizin in der homöopathisch-naturheilkundlichen Allgemeinarztpraxis


Sparenborg-Nolte, Anne (D)

Arzneiverwandtschaften in der klassischen Homöopathie (This file does not exist anymore.) Fallanalyse nach Kent (This file does not exist anymore.)


Teixeira, José (F)

An Introduction to the Physics of Liquid Water